We are pleased to offer our “Speed to Advancement™” Certified Coach Training and Business-Building Program.

Learn directly from successful coach and CEO, Joy Pecchia. This is a first generation training program – no dilution – no spin – no mass produced information – efficiently fast tracking your own learning and professional growth. You’ll be simultaneously certified in the most accelerated systems of coaching and business-building, with Joy’s proprietary “Speed To Advancement™” (STA) system that has been perfected since 2002.


“The tools and discussions we’ve had to date have added significant value to me and my business. It is a great relief to have people I trust and validation that I’m on the right path.”


It can be painful to build a successful, sustaining business that offers superior service to your clients. Our Certified Program provides the expertise you need, and is designed to efficiently fast track your own learning and professional growth.

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